18 August 2013

More AGM

So, to get back to my trip!

There were some lovely regional displays again this year and it never fails to amaze how many items come over from Japan & UAE, and all of such high quality too.

We had a chance to stock up on supplies with traders, watch demonstrations, share ideas and vote in the competitions (and chat, I did spend a lot of time catching up with quilling friends from around the world!).

These are two pieces I really liked:
This is a Japanese entry that you can see won several prizes - the work in it is amazing, aside from having the idea in the first place!

This card won the greetings card competition and the Salver for excellence in quilling.

I had a slight 'discussion' with a lady next to me when I pointed out that the writing is actually made from quilling paper.  We agreed to disagree as it was so perfect it's brilliance is almost lost on a casual observation.
I should have realised at the time it was made by Wenonah Quayle from Australia who works in the finest paper - the writing and waves on this are 1mm or less, it really is rather special.

Saturday evening we had a 30th Anniversary celebration meal in the dining room then went back to the hall for prize presentations, Jane Jenkins did a very amusing look back through our publication 'Quillers Today' and the Japanese group (about 16 of them) sang two songs for us which was just brilliant.

Sunday I managed to get a place on a masterclass of hints and tips with Jane Jenkins which was not only fun but also really useful - some of these things I shall try out soon I hope.  This overran quite a lot so the rest of the day was a bit packed as I wanted to make more purchases and review all the winners in the competition room and catch a couple more demos.

I missed Diane Boden's demonstration in the morning and have to thank her for keeping her latest quilled animal creations around for showing me in the afternoon.  Another project for the future!!

After these hectic 2 days we packed up our Somerset stand and rather than putting our feet up myself & Mum popped in to the city centre for a trip on the Mersey ferry!

So, to finish for today there is a view of the Liver building (the Liver bird on the top is actually 6 metres tall which is very hard to comprehend from ground level) and a view along some of the Mersey including this and the Albert Dock, with one of the cathedrals in the background.


I thought I was going to fall asleep in my food over tea after this but it was definitely worth doing as it was on our 'to-do' list while away.


  1. That was certainly a trip to remember in more ways than one. Those bears are amazing.

  2. sounds like you managed to do alot! is the lighthouse all quilling paper aswell? wish I could get my quilled writing that good!