30 September 2014

Brilliant Quilling

Some more pics of the brilliant work from the AGM.

Janetta van Roekel who comes from Holland does the most amazing work and was awarded Fellowship of the Guild this time, well deserved.  She is always available to share her ideas too and is very inspirational.  I hope to try some of her ideas in the coming weeks.

In the meantime this is her multi-prize winning competition piece.

It is one of those fabulous pieces you could spend ages looking at - each square has a different flower in it and the rainbow of them is so effective.

This is a close up of one of the sections.
Janetta also won the Salver for this piece which is awarded to what is considered an excellent piece of work on display.

Just in front of this picture you can just see this piece of work - I will see if I have a better picture.  Not that pictures really do it justice, the work is soooo fine, some of the papers are literally 0.5mm thick or thinner it is amazing.

I will report more on this in another post.

Finally today while I am on prize winning pieces this is another piece that was fascinating to look at and was produced by Josie Jenkins.

This was awarded the Rosebowl which is awarded for an interesting piece on display that was not entered in a competition.

The graduated paper sets it off beautifully.

Good news for local followers is that this event is coming to Sherborne in Dorset next year so you too can come along and admire all these gorgeous pieces of work - and don't worry I will very much be reminding you nearer the time!!

For a limited time you can also join the Quilling Guild for ONLY £10 which for a year with 3 lovely magazines is superb value.  Next year you could come along to our shared ideas day the day after the AGM to have a play and get some inspiration.
Join here or contact me for details.

28 September 2014

Time for Tea

And so to start sharing my recent quilling adventure!

At the Quilling Guild AGM in Norfolk regional areas have a display table - this year Somerset opted for an afternoon tea theme.  This is our table (you may need to zoom in on this one!):

Our centre piece was a table covered with a fab weaved tablecloth that Anne spent many an hour making.  I made the sign in front which picked up on some of the other items I had made and included a 'menu'.

Ideally I would of quilled the letters but you can imagine there was a time issue and I was still adding 'coconut' to my madeleine the night before the AGM.

I then embarked on some 3D items.  I had many more ideas but not enough time and when I came to actually put mind to paper they existed much better in my head!!

This is my afternoon tea stand which stands at 10cm high to give you an idea of scale.  The bottom plate used nearly 1.5 packs of American quilling paper hence why several plates are made with a more filigree option.

These are my other cakes (macaroons and biscuits!!).  The sponge at the back is covered in Diane Boden's legendary fairy dust which is somewhat time consuming but very effective - needless to say there were sprinkles of this all over my premier inn bed the night before the AGM too!

I shall return with more offerings tomorrow.

23 September 2014

Bird spotting!

I am back! Crikey Norfolk is a long way!!

Had a great time though.  VERY inspired by all the quilling I've seen and lovely to meet up with quillers from across the world.

Whilst I sort my pictures and try and return to normality I have to share a picture from today.  We came home via a fabulous National Trust site called Wicken Fen near Ely and were so lucky to see this chap.  The picture isn't amazing but I had to take it quickly before he flew off again!
(apologies for the dodgy watermark!).

17 September 2014

Anyone for cake?

Soooo sorry if you keep nipping past and wonder where I have gone - it has been such a busy time but I have actually done some quilling.

Most of which I can't show you yet but this is, literally, a little taster!!

It's not a great picture - I will take a more professional shot for next time - but these are a couple of items I've made to take to the Quilling Guild AGM in Norfolk this week.

If you are in the Norwich area on Saturday afternoon do pop past to Dereham Neatherd High School to browse fantastic quilling from across the world - and treat yourself to supplies if required!

Back soon!

4 September 2014


I am still here pottering away!

I have been doing some quilling recently which I can't share currently but will do soon.
I've also had a few days off work this week and this is a view on Tuesday from a Tor on Dartmoor where we had lunch.

This picture doesn't actually do the height of where I was sitting justice!!

Anyway, 10 miles later and I was feeling quite weary and luckily for day 2 of my hols I had booked a day at the Spa at Center Parcs at Longleat.  This is only about an hour away so ideal striking distance.

I had a lovely relaxing day trying out the different steam rooms & saunas and a bubble in the little outdoor pool.  As we managed to get a whole day we could spare some time to get stuck in to a book too - I even sat in the Zen Garden for a bit as it was a nice day!

Needless to say back to the chaos today (but not work until next week thankfully).