25 September 2016

Winning Quilling

My next update has some quilling that I have actually done myself!

I'd had an idea in my head for a while and started this a few months ago.  I lost a chunk of time to being ill and considered saving it for another time but it was getting so close (a bit too close as I was still making grass the night before the competition) that I entered it and it didn't fair so badly.

I've just realised when I took this picture I forgot to put the little sign in front of it which said Mr McGregor's garden - spot the rabbit!

Because I had more in my head I wasn't 100% pleased with this as I considered it unfinished but I'm growing to like it more!  I had hoped to have some garden utensils and a watering can etc but it's amazing how long everything takes.

This is the back of the shed!

A view from the front.  The entire piece is made from paper, even the base.  I've also used 2mm paper for everything except the fence and raised bed - one of the reasons it won for intricacy.
I also to have to thank the ever amazing & slightly bonkers Diane Boden for inventing fairy dust that I used for the grass and soil - I was making it to the last and there still wasn't really enough.

I have come away very inspired to try again with something next year though.

23 September 2016

Quilled Flowers record attempt

I have done quite a bit of quilling in the recent madness but some of it I couldn't put on here so I shall now try and catch up a little!

I'll start with telling you that we did indeed put together a World Record attempt for the largest amount of quilled flowers in one place last weekend.
We had the Sheriff of York and his Lady as officials and an independent person to assist.  It was all videoed and photographed and will now be submitted.  Genevieve did a super job of putting all the flowers together, storing them and then putting this attempt together.

This picture doesn't really do it justice but gives an overview of the flowers:

Thank you to any followers who submitted flowers - they are there somewhere!

I spent more time the following day looking at them all and taking photos for inspiration.  Maybe your flowers are in one of these pictures:


The count came in at 6,421 - considering a year ago we were aiming for 1,500 this is pretty amazing.
Fingers crossed we get a certificate for our efforts!