20 January 2011

Blog Holiday!

Sorry for the lack of postings.
Although I could do with building up a small stash of cards I am having a small crafty break because I have been rather busy at work and there aren't enough hours in the day for everything (although that doesn't usually stop me!).

Hopefully I will be back up to speed soon and playing with all these crafty things I have been stashing for months!!

I will be keeping a close eye on everyone else's blogs for now though!

11 January 2011

Book in a box

A couple more books in boxes. One for a relative which I filled with pictures, the other a present from someone else I was asked to make.

I have posted some of these before. Each 'page' is made from a 6x6" square of paper folded in various ways, each one of these then has a hinge added between to make a mini album.
The boxes are each made of another 8 squares, folded differently again. These ones I personalised and added a matching butterfly for a bit of pink glitz as they are in slightly pearly paper.

Off to do some Italian homework now - lucky me!!!

10 January 2011


After my pre-Christmas production problems there were a few people I wanted to make a card for that unfortunately I knew I wouldn't get round to (hello if you are visiting!).

A sneaky way round this was to make some Happy New Year cards!

This lovely chap is one of the new Woodland Folk cutting dies (I still seem to have Mums cuttlebug sat here so thought I'd give it a go!).

The backing piece is using an embossing folder from the same folk on lovely green sparkly card.

I then cut out the various main body parts in brown and cream, the little 'bits' on the end of wings being rather entertaining! Eyes, Beak and feet were next then a branch which has a lovely bark look thanks to the roughness of the cuttlebug plates.

More use from the SU oval punches for a greeting in owl colours and I think he is rather cute!

5 January 2011


Apols for the quick post. This is a picture of some Evening Invitations I have just made. I made the Wedding Invites in December but because they got finished late at night a picture didn't really work!

The day ones went out with a reply card and little info card for guests on accommodation etc.

The text is printed on ivory hammered card with a blue border. This is then backed on some lovely pearly blue card from AnnaMarie Designs. DOCrafts butterfly punch (I so wish it actually completely punched the butterfly out!) which has 3 little Anitas gems in it's middle for extra sparkle.
Very surprising how time consuming just cutting card is!

4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

I am here really! Had a spot of a break and still not really found my desk - in fact seem to of made it worse in the interim!!

I will be back to add a picture tomorrow but generally a bit of a quiet week as have a few things on - apologies to Janet especially.

Must have a play with the new Country Companions stamps I 'HAD' to buy the other day - they have been my favourite for years and years so papercraft products with them on is a bit of a disaster (well, in a financial way anyway).
See you tomorrow.