16 August 2013

A Walk in the Park

A shorter than planned post today as I had more to catch up with than I thought!

I have finally got to the Quilling Guild AGM now!
I turned up early and met Anne from Torquay who has become an honorary Somerset member as numbers are even more depleted in Devon.

We were really concerned that we didn't have enough to make a display but were helped by Anne making a last minute sign with fringed flowers (isn't it great) and having some staging from the shop they used to own which gave us a little bit of height.

This is our display of crinoline ladies.  Unfortunately we are really struggling with members currently and not too many supplied a lady but we were pleased with the display in the end.

I spent most of last year building up to making things for the AGM and it was all a bit last minute again - I did make 3 ladies.  One of them had a bit of a waist problem on the day but these are my 2 others - with miniature poodles.

The first skirt I made was too large really, the second one (in purple here) had a 'hoop' structure underneath which was a bit better but by lady 3 I was more happy with the skirt but didn't have time to make any more.


  1. Absolutely amazing Jill those ladies are just fabulously you certainly are a clever bunch...


  2. A great display of elegant ladies with their poodles - I can appreciate what a lot of work goes into just one of these.