30 November 2010

Bert Badger

A card that anyone that has recently had a birthday will recognise!

For this card I used a very nice pearly green card from the paper mill as a base card and then a piece was used in one of the new Woodland Folk embossing folders to give the tree background.

Bert Badger himself is one of the new layered die cut folders from DoCrafts that I had to try!
It was a bit of an event but fairly pleased with him, although Graeme wondered why I was making a panda card which was a bit disappointing.

The die cuts out MANY different shapes that all layer up for the completed animal so it took a while but fairly pleased with him and will have another play sometime.

27 November 2010


A special card I made just as my finger was giving up the other week - now going in the right direction but still can't use my right-hand properly which is a bit of a xmas card disaster!

This card is another 8x8". I cut out the bootie shapes and used an iris folding template to make a blue and pink bootie for the twins. To these I added a little punched tag and added names with teeny peel off letters and matching bow.

To make a Congratulations big enough I cut out letters using my Impress machine in silver and layered the message through the middle of the card.

I used a punch on the corners of the card to finish off which was then layered on some silver before mounting on the base card. A teeny gem in each corner too for a touch of sparkle.

20 November 2010

New Baby

Sorry again for lack of postings, feeling rather sorry for myself this week as have an infection on my index finger, to say it hurts doesn't really cover it!!

As a result have not done much as this finger seems to be rather vital to holding pens, cutting knifes etc and is my 'mouse' finger.

This is a fairly recent card though for a new arrival.
Stamp is from a clear Penny Black set. I stamped it twice and cut out the sling and flowers for a second layer to add some depth.

The card has some decorated parchment attached to it with matching brads with some 'It's a Boy' confetti stuck on top. Cute little hedgehog coloured in copics and layered on matching card to finish.

Fingers crossed my antibiotics kick in asap as I am feeling very grumpy!!

13 November 2010

Mini Book

Another mini folded book today.
These are great for gifts and each album page is made from one 6x6" piece of paper. After cunningly folding them a square of card is added so they keep their shape and another square piece is used as the hinge between pages.

The box lid and base are each made from 4 pieces of 6x6 paper too. A really effective project that I added a few photos to as a present and finished the box off by adding a name with some x-cut letters and a butterfly.

7 November 2010


Had a lovely relaxing week at Center Parcs. One of the non-sporting activities you could book was a Jewellery workshop one afternoon so felt obliged to have a go!
It was lovely and relaxing.

We had a lovely choice of necklaces and fab packets of beads, it was really hard to make a choice and I have many more ideas logged away now for the beads I already have at home!

I chose this necklace as it was a bit different to anything I already have with the 3 'dangles' at the bottom. The example necklace had clusters of beads on the wire but the beads I had left didn't lend themselves to this so well but it is something I might try with another experiment. The main string are lots of seed and tube beads in different colours, with a few swarovski crystals now and again for a little sparkle!

Just some little ear-rings to match, they could of been more elaborate but I don't wear many dangly ones.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and lots more ideas on the list for if I ever get any time!