15 August 2013

Lady Lever visit

Day 2 of our trip and this picture makes the sky look a little scarier than it was I think!

This is the Palm House in the middle of the lovely Sefton Park which was within walking distance of the AGM location.

It is set in a vast green area with boating lake, stream and lovely trees.  It was quite a surprise to come across a few spaces like this in the city.  The inside was well worth a visit too.

We then had a quick walk down Lark Lane which was at the other side of the park and had been recommended for some lovely shops.

I bought a couple of goodies, we had a cuppa and got a lovely roll from a super deli for lunch so a very successful morning.

We didn't venture too far in the morning as we had a trip booked in the afternoon!

Josie Jenkins had very kindly organised a visit to the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight and nearly 60 of us went on it.
The coach trip through Liverpool and the Birkenhead Tunnel was quite interesting and Port Sunlight village was lovely.

This is a rather pretty sundial with the gallery in the background.  

It is the most attractive area with gorgeous houses, lots of trees and flowers and there are obviously some rules on how your grounds must be kept!

Myself and Mum looked in a shop where there was a walking guide taking you round all the houses of note so although we were rather tired afterwards it was so worth it to see all the history, the lovely buildings and a quick peek in the beautiful church too.

And, all of this was additional to the main reason for our visit!

Josie had arranged a private viewing of this fantastic quilled cabinet from the late 1700's in the museum.  The museum closed off the room it was in and had taken it from the glass case where you can normally view it.  It was fabulous to see.  I put this first picture in to try and give an idea of size - it puts a quilled tea caddy to shame!
We were split into groups of 10 to get a better look at the cabinet and as if the outside wasn't fabulous enough they then opened it up:
All the drawers have wonderful quilling on too - I think we all could of stood there for ages just admiring it.

We did manage a quick look at a couple of quilled tea caddies too which on a normal day but would of been exciting enough.

A great afternoon though and many thanks to Josie and the museum.

(sorry if the pics seem a little weirdly spaced - the actual post doesn't look the same as when I wrote it & it won't co-operate today!).


  1. Sounds like you had a great time Jill..thank,for sharing your photos


  2. Wow, you really fitted in lots of activities during this weekend AGM Jill. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Strangely enough there was a TV programme on last night which gave the history of Port Sunlight village (it was the Paul O'Grady programme and well worth watching if you've got catch-up TV). The quilled cabinet looks amazing.

    Karen x

  3. Amazing cabinet - thanks for sharing the lovely photos of your action packed visit.

  4. Glad you had a good trip, that cabinet does look very impressive, I'm sorry I missed it!