14 August 2013

A trip away

No surprises that I didn't have time to set up some blog posts before I disappeared on a little trip taking in the Quilling AGM but now I'm back I have plenty to share over the next few days!

Last Thursday I left quite early to try & visit Speke Hall - a National Trust property near Liverpool airport that due to my agenda and it's opening hours meant Thursday was the only available time we had.

The motorways were very kind to us and we got there in time for lunch.

This is the front of the house.
The inside of the house was very interesting, as well as it looking lovely from the outside.

The house used to sit in many more acres of land than it does today - as a result the sale of land has meant the estate is surrounded by industrial estates  and means you can plane spot at Liverpool airport from the end of the garden!

The garden also backs on to the Mersey so there were lots of interesting things to see.

This is the rose garden at the back of the house.  The borders were lovely with some gorgeous hydrangeas and we spent a while admiring some butterflies on the buddleia - more than I have seen for a while.
Also had to test the 'wet nelly' which is a local speciality - a bit like a bread pudding but really moist and not too stodgy!

A pretty good start to our adventures.  I'll now sort through my pictures and find some for the next instalment!


  1. Wow! Looks beautiful Jill! Can't wait for your next installment :) Denyse x

  2. Beautiful house of the type often found 'up north'.

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Speke Hall - looks gorgeous. We've had so many butterflies this year - it looks like a cloud when they take off together - amazing sight. Looking forward to see what you got up to for the rest of the weekend.

    Karen x