2 January 2013

Rainbow Bracelet

I had today booked off from work (don't want to overdo it first week back!).  After a quiet morning and actually buying some fresh food (haven't had to cook for nearly 2 weeks) I bumped in to fellow blogger Val at our local craft establishment at lunch today - got to keep up with what is available!

After lunch and a browse I had decided that this afternoon was for me not to make a card for anyone or get involved in tidying but to make something 'just because'.

Whilst browsing some bead patterns, something else I have not done for ages, I found this kit which I think I might of got for free with a magazine subscription some time back.

The picture on the kit has always looked a bit too bright but on examination I found the dagger beads were smaller than expected and the instructions looked fairly easy so I had a go.

The kit is 'Rainbow Circles Bracelet' from Beads Unlimited - I could tell you how complicated it was but luckily it was quite straight forward and I am quite pleased with it.
There were enough beads to make it longer but I have quite small wrists so stopped at this point - I now have a jewellery bug to add to my cross stitch one I developed over Christmas!


  1. Very pretty Jill ..think you might need a little extra room in your craft room for your new hobbies..lol..lol


  2. If I remember rightly this was a free gift with a magazine a while ago. I have one just like it and as you say fairly straightforward to make. Good to hear you have the jewellery bug as well,