31 December 2012

Happy New Year

A final pic from 2012.  This year we escaped from the Christmas visiting merry-go-round and had a lovely week at Center Parcs at Longleat.

The last few months have been very hectic and stressful so we planned to just have a rest and really enjoyed it.  Lots of pottering in the pool, sitting in bubble pools and wandering from coffee shop to restaurant!

I packed a little cross stitch as I haven't done any for ages and it was easier to sort out than craft stuff - even when I just go downstairs to craft I always leave something and have to keep running up and down so leaving the house gets too complicated!  I did a little cross stitch which gave me the bug for doing some more now.

This is a visiting reindeer on Christmas Eve - just before he disappeared off with santa to deliver presents!

I will get back to some crafting shortly - turns out the tidy fairies didn't sort out the mess I left behind and there really is too much in my little spare room now - very jealous of Karen over at Serendipity Dragonfly who is just about to move in to her new craft room.


  1. Pleased you had a lovely quiet Christmas Jill away from all the Christmas madnes
    Look forward to seeing your competed cross stitch


  2. Glad you managed to get a nice relaxing break - just love that reindeer. The tidying fairies haven't been here so not sure where they spent Christmas. Happy New Year

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderfully relaxed Christmas Jill. Love Rudolph - how kind he was to visit you on Christmas Eve! Sorry the tidy fairies didn't turn up........I think they are doing overtime at my place........ Tony has been going great guns and has finished installing the main shelves...I have just "altered" a chest of drawers (which are now full up) and tomorrow (when I've emptied them) he's going to install another set of shelves over by my sewing "station".........then as soon as he moves the rest of his tools out I can finally move the rest of my stuff in - logically (I hope). All I'm waiting for now is my huge A1 architects chest which I'm going to store all my wood backed stamps in and we're set.......then I need some inspiration!! lol

    Happý New Year.


    Karen x