26 January 2013


The very heavy rain last night (which I was expecting to have today) has shifted most of the snow and we've had a bit of welcome sunshine this morning.

I popped out with Mum to Montacute House, a National Trust property which is just down the road, for coffee and some fresh air.

After a stroll we also had the option of a free tour of the house which isn't fully open through the winter as it is in its conservation period so was really interesting and I learnt some things I didn't know about the house and its history.  Although I visit a few times a year to wander in the grounds I don't often go in the house - always the way when you live near something.

Obviously after a tour we had to have lunch as well so a lovely morning out - on with the crafting now!


  1. Pleased you made use of the glorious sunshine this morning, its a lovely picture of Montacute House..


  2. Some very welcome sunshine today I must say - glad you took the opportunity to enjoy it though it's a shame there isn't a craft shop there!! I had to take a walk in the sun this morning as well and you can guess where I called on the way.