25 January 2013

Woodland Folk

This is a card I made for a friend using DOCrafts Digital Designer.

I printed out the decoupage sheet on a sheet of A4 and set-to with the scissors!
There are 5 layers and it took longer than expected going round all the tufts on the animals and the little flowers & leaves in the trees.

Having said that I am pleased with it - aren't they cute?

I mounted the finished piece on orange card and layered on to a card which I covered with a piece of paper from the Woodland Folk paper pack.


  1. They certainly are cute Jill..a really lovely card. Are you not going down to Westpoint?


  2. I'm being good & staying away from shows this week!

  3. Ah ha so you have DD too. Great for hybrid craft and this card is super well worth all the cutting.