8 January 2013

Trio of Quilled Flowers

I am still here!

A busy few days trying to find bits and pieces & do make samples for tonight and get some 'blue peter' pieces ready.

I gave a talk, demo & practical to the local branch of the Wrens Association.  I used the same card design I used for a talk last year but chose 5 instead of 6 petals and had sold most of my samples so have made a pile more this week.

It's a simple little design and I've already added a pot as there isn't time to quill that as well.

Everyone that had a go took home a finished card - some with alternative takes on it & many quite inspired to have another go which is a good nights work.

Tomorrow night more scampering to find items required for Crafty Bunch (and attending Crafty Bunch obviously) and hopefully back to some more posting later in the week.


  1. Pleased your demo went well Jill...a lovely card to make and your ladies enjoyed their evening.
    See you tomorrow tonight


  2. These flowers in their little pots are always effective - somehow I don't associate Wrens with quilling but obviously I was wrong! Enjoy your evening - I'm sure you will.

  3. Cute cards Jill and it sounds like your talk, demo and practical went down very well. Glad you found all your bits for last night - both projects seemed to go down well with the girls which is always good for us!

    Karen x