7 July 2012

Soggy Saturday!

Will be back with a picture tomorrow.

Just back from another mini break!  A day in Oxford mainly visiting the Ashmolean Museum which is superb, a stay in a posh hotel and a day at Artstamps at Newbury.

Many inspiring ideas again and thanks to Jo Dumbleton and her lovely team for their workshop and great ideas on the stand (and for making me spend more!).

Nearly got taken out by a very large 'puddle' on the way home - hope everyone is safe and dry.


  1. Gosh Jill - you do get around! Sounds like a brilliant break.....especially with a visit to Newbury at the end of the day. Bet you were dragged kicking and screaming - ahem oh yes??? Look forward to seeing all your goodies on Wednesday.

  2. More retail therapy then - what better for a soggy Saturday and pleased you made it home safely.