29 July 2012

Flower Workshop

Thanks to the 8 ladies that came to yesterday's Quilled Flowers Workshop at Yandles.

It all got quite hectic with people working at different speeds and wanting to try different techniques but everyone finished some flowers and I think we converted some more unconvinced crafters - many are coming to the Christmas workshop so I didn't scare them too much!

Thanks to Val at Aquarius Blog for coming and posting her completed sampler today.  I have probably posted this sampler today which is what we were aiming for yesterday.  Unfortunately I haven't done any other crafting this week as I was sick a few days ago and came close to cancelling the workshop - I managed that but needed a bit of a rest afterwards!  

I will see what I can rustle up in the next day or two as August & September are really busy crafty months and I'm really behind now!


  1. Sorry to hear you were unwell during the week and hope the rest you managed after the workshop has worked and we didn't tire you out too much. Take care

  2. Lovely selection of quilled flowers Jill and I am sure your ladies had a great time


  3. Beautiful samples of your quilled flowers Jill. Sorry to hear you'd been unwell - hope you're all better now.

    Karen x