24 July 2012

Olympic Park visit

 So, yesterday's trip was to the Olympic Park to watch the technical rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony.

Bit of a trauma with motorway traffic on the way which meant we didn't have any time to wander round the park first which was disappointing, but at least we made the main event which was also looking doubtful at one point!

Thought I'd post these pictures as there has been a lack of much crafting for a couple of days and I got home at a crazy hour this morning  so will be having an early night.  Obviously I can't tell you about the ceremony - you will have to watch on Friday!

Thanks to the Crafty Bunch members for the lovely Birthday cards too today!


  1. Wow Jill - what an amazing visit. Glad you got there despite all the traumas - bet it was a sight to behold. Hope you had a really happy birthday - certainly memorable!

    Karen x

  2. Happy Birthday. What a great way to spend the day and so pleased you got there in time despite the traffic problems.

  3. Thanks for sharing those amazig photos and Many happy returns of the day to you!