1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to anyone that reads this!!

As promised I have made my first Christmas card for this year! It's not very fancy but the last couple of days seem to have been a bit hectic.

This stamp is from a Jolly Nation set of clear stamps. Not sure I will use all of them but the whole A5 sheet was 50p - so I had to obviously. Due to time issues and being determined to make 1 today it is one of the images simply stamped and layered - job done.

Apologies mainly to Janet that I may not post much for a week or two as I need to get my craft pile in order (still everything seems to be covered in glitter from Christmas makes) and I have a new computer in a box downstairs and I'm giving it to a 'man' for a few days who I am hoping will magically make all my files, folders and pictures magically appear on it but there will be a short interlude of posting. All worth it in the end I am told.


  1. That was a bargain then - very effective as a monochrome. I know what you mean abaout sorting things out - something I must do before I become buried under things!!!

  2. Well done Jill - you're one up on me...... actually thinking about it I have one left over from Christmas; does that count??? lol What a bargain and looks really effective too.