10 January 2010


We had a day trip on the train booked last Monday to go to London. It was very chilly indeed!!
This pic shows the fountains in Trafalgar Square - bbrrrr.

I was also allowed to go ice skating at Somerset House - I'm a bit of a skating fan but due to no facilities it's a long time since I had a go. Slightly scared in this photo that someone is going to crash in to me - if you were lucky enough to stay upright (which surprisingly I was) there was a very high chance of being taken out by someone else toppling over or getting a bit over confident! Great fun though.

Not got much crafting finished either recently although I am pottering away and still not sorted the computer because that involved a drive to Exeter in the snow - something I have postponed for now.
I'll go and see if I can finish a card now!


  1. Looks like fun! but rather you than me :)

  2. It looks as if you had fun - the roads outside my house are like skating rinks but I'm not going to risk giving it a whirl!!