18 January 2010

Apologies to Janet!

I have a computer - hoorah! That is the good news.
I don't entirely understand the workings of it yet - the not so good news!!

We have changed from a PC to a Mac, which for those in the know means we haven't got windows any more and it's a whole new (much nicer and efficient apparently) life.

I have had a bit of a navigation lesson and all my docs and valued card pics are on this machine but I have yet to play with adding new stuff - although everything is possible and easy when you know how apparently.

So, many apologies but I will probably not be posting for a few more days while I sort myself out but do have a few cards in the pipeline I hope to publish when I know what I am doing!
If anyone has a Mac all tips gratefully received!



  1. Sorry Jill cant be of help but I wondered if you knew about this site http://forums.macrumors.com/ hope it might help

  2. Good luck with your Mac - I'm watching this space in anticipation

  3. Glad you've got a new computer Jill - you might want to speak to Andy (Anne's OH) as I know he's got one. Good luck and I will be watching with baited breath!!! lol

  4. Thanks guys - some of it is just finding the new way of doing things. Thanks for the link Jose I shall have a look.