24 December 2009

And finally ...

I never thought I would finish wrapping presents - didn't realise there were so many until I unearthed them from their hiding places!

Anyway, all cards done, one final post before the hols.

The card here uses Alison Yeates parchment petals. They come perforated for folding and pinching so that when you have added your design they magically (after some practice) turn in to a very pretty shape.

I embossed a snowflake on to each petal here and added dots as a border (apologies to those of you that received one without dots - I forgot what I was doing!!). The bottom layer is traced, embossed and perforated round the edge (I used a new PCA tool, not entirely sure what it was yet but I liked it!).

I have had these for ages and pleased I finally used some. Finished off with card candy coloured with copics and a bit of Anita's ribbon.

Just worked out I have sold 90 cards at work this month, plus making cards for close family and friends - I now have a cold (probably not surprisingly) and will be having a couple of days of well earned rest!!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Hey Jill - I've already thanked you for my lovely card. Sorry to hear you've got a cold and hope something a wee bit strong over Christmas helps make you merry!!! lol

  2. Lovely card, not something I could manage. I hope by now your cold gone... Happy New year to you, and Mum too
    Jose x