25 April 2015

Blue skies

Whilst looking for a picture to share today I forgot I took one last week to put up.

Last Saturday I went for a quick walk at Westhay on the Somerset Levels and had to take a picture because the sky was so lovely and I'm a big fan of catkins that are starting to appear.

Not as sunny today and it is now a bit damp but we've had a lovely week.

In fact last week when it was nice as well we ended up nipping down to West Bay one evening after work (Broadchurch for non-local followers!!).  We had fish and chips in the sun and it was gorgeous.
We are so lucky to be able to do that here.

This was taken at nearly 6 o'clock at night - I was meant to be crafting but had to make the most of it!
Anyway, back to it and I'll rustle up a crafting photo for next time!

1 comment:

  1. Dont blame you for making the most of the sunny evening and the thought of fish and chips is making my mouth water...thanks for sharing tour lovely photo's Jill