15 April 2015

Quilling demos

Jill's Quills was very busy last weekend demonstrating quilling in the hobby tent at Yandles Spring Woodworking show.

This was the first show we had actually done sit down make and takes and it proved to be really popular - I'd of had a go at a couple of the other things too!

This is early on day one.  This lady came back for a session and was hooked.  I converted a couple of non-crafters which was great.

Lots of comments as always that people had never seen it done and once seen for real it's not as scary as people think!
The other side of my stand for day two!
A few of my cards, some of my afternoon tea items from last years Quilling AGM, the lovely 3D animals from Jane Jenkins Three Dimensional Quilling book, a chocolate card from Diane Boden's Miniature Quilling book and some fringed bunnies from Diane's crafts beautiful pattern which were also very popular.

The shop sold lots of paper and tools and most of the big kit boxes you can see on the table.

I also had some posters and flyers for the Quilling Guild AGM in Sherborne in September as it's local this year - 19th September if it isn't in your diary - I will be mentioning it a lot though!!

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  1. Glad it was so successful Jill and well done on converting those non-crafters!

    Karen x