6 April 2015


Despite having a to-do list as long as my arm (and then some) I've just had a weekend away.  I managed not to break in to a non-crafting sweat and quite enjoyed a light breather.

My husband was racing at the Olympic velodrome on Good Friday and then we had a couple of nights in London to go pottering.

Saturday we visited the Imperial War Museum for a while, some of it was crazy busy though so after refreshment we then pottered through London and visited a few places near Covent Garden - and found a few Shauns!!

You may or may not know that there are currently 50 Shaun the Sheeps in London, there are due to be a different 70 in Bristol later in the year.  I'm a bit of a fan and had downloaded the app so I ticked a few off on Saturday whilst passing.

Sunday was a lovely day and we decided to go strolling and tick off more sheep as we went, stopping when we fancied.  I can tell you it becomes a bit addictive.  There are some great designs and they all have fun names too.  Chelsea Pen-Shaun-er amused me too much at the time but I am easily amused.

These are a few pics from the weekend.  It was quite fun and if you have a small children as an excuse too I can highly recommend it.  I saw all sorts of places in London I hadn't been near before - but only tagged 31 out of 50 sheep.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend and a well earned breather...love the sheep....Andy was at the Imperial War Museum last weekend....