8 July 2013

SU Extravaganza Day

A quick review of the great day we had with Jenny of Stamping Moments on Saturday for those that were not there!

We did 3 projects during the day and even though Jenny does lots of prep and supplies us with pre-cut bits and pieces it's still a very full on day.

The first project our table did was decorating this lovely little tin and making 5 cards to go inside it.

The stamp set used was Lacy & Lovely.  A set I wouldn't really of looked at twice but have many ideas after having a play which is handy as we get to keep the set for the day.

This project took quite a time to put together but then we had project 2!!

This is such a clever idea.  It is a little organiser with 12 pockets (all made out of envelopes) so you can keep track of birthdays each month of the year.

This did require some patience and lunch took a near miss as I was determined to finish it.

After a quick sandwich we then had project 3.

There were 2 parts to this project and they involved quite a large amount of stamping and punching.
As you can see the 'card' on the right contains a box on its base which holds a box of chocs.

The little card with it is also very cleverly made from an envelope and has a little pocket in for a gift card or money.

An exhausting but very productive day with some more great ideas I will definitely be trying again.

Finished some Crafty Bunch samples tonight so can hopefully post those next.

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