25 July 2013

Birthday cards

Unfortunately with this post I have to admit that it was my birthday yesterday!

As a member of the Crafty Bunch I am also in the birthday club where we send everyone on the list a birthday card so when it gets to your own you get a nice little pile of lovely cards.

I also did quite well on a few crafty presents - like I need any more stuff but I 'had to have it'!!

All the cards were lovely and I shouldn't single any out but I have to add an extra picture as Karen over at Serendipity Dragonfly made the most fabulous box - even before a lovely creation went inside.

This is the box, it is 6cm high which is rather impressive:

The card from inside is at the back of this picture - apologies it's not a great picture but hopefully you get an idea of the lovely creations I received.  It was a bit of a rush before I got taken out for tea yesterday!


  1. Happy Birthday for wednesday! hope you had a good day and what a great card selection to get!

  2. Happy birthday - hope you had a good time. Lovely selection of cards.

  3. Hope you had a good birthday Jill. Pleased that you liked the card.........and box! lol

    Karen x