20 July 2013

Picnic packing!

A quick non-craft post in pasting!

A little more cloud and a light breeze around today although it is still very warm.

I popped out with Mum this morning for coffee at Montacute House which is just down the road for us.  We had a quick stroll round the grounds too.

I've just made myself get too hot doing some household chores that I have been ignoring in the heat as I get a well earned rest this evening.

We are back off to Montacute House where an 80's tribute band are performing in the grounds so we're off with some friends and a picnic.  I'm expecting it to be packed!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful time and a good picnic. Sounds like a fun way to spend an evening - better than h****work anyway!!

  2. I like Montacute House and your picture really does it justice...enjoy your evening out...


  3. Gorgeous photo Jill - hope you have a wonderful time tonight......sounds like fun¡

    Karen x