8 June 2013

Rome hot spots

As we were in Rome we obviously had to tick off all the tourist spots.

We went past the Spanish Steps on Republic Day, although I know it is always busy, picking a national day of celebration for going past the top spots did seem a bit bonkers.
This picture is a not very complicated version of 'Where's Wally'!

Then on to the Trevi fountain which we seriously couldn't get near.  We went past it on another day on our trip when we actually managed to get to the water and throw a coin in.

And the Pantheon - another amazing structure.

Will get back to sharing some more crafting shortly!  Had bigger plans today but after visiting a fair this morning we have just been to Weymouth with some friends for fish, chips and sea air so another day bites the dust - seemed a shame not to make the most of the weather though.


  1. Your trip looks lovely Jill and thanks for sharing your photos with us...


  2. Thanks for sharing more pictures of your trip - looks lovely. Always good to take advantage of fine weather - never lasts long does it??

  3. Looks like you had a brilliant trip Jill even though it does seem pretty hectic! Thanks for sharing. What could be better than Weymouth, fish, chips, sea air and friends? Can't beat it. Look forward to hearing more on Wednesday.

    Karen x