9 June 2013

Arrivederci Italy

A final quick Rome (and beyond!) round up.

We even had a day in Pompeii - somewhere else I have always wanted to go and as we were 'nearer' than we will be for some time we mounted a day trip!  We got a 'rapido' train from Rome to Naples which travels at speeds up to 340 kmh.  This got us to Naples in 1 hr 10 mins which was pretty impressive, then a half hour commuter train to Pompeii which was fascinating.

This was a view across the site.

After a shocking queue to get in to St Peters earlier in the week
we mounted a trip on our last day which was definitely worth doing for two reasons - it was very impressive and as we left the amount of people turning up again was immense.

On top of the 'large dome' there are some columns surrounding a smaller dome - the second picture is taken from there.  A lift and a few hundred interesting and rather hot stairs later - but so worth it.

 Finally today, a little preview that shows interested parties that with the wind in the right direction I should have a few samples for Crafty Bunch on Wednesday!


  1. Wondered with all this holidaying you might not have time for the samples! lol sounds like a great trip to Naples and that view from St Peter's is amazing.

    Karen x

  2. More amazing views - have fun on Wednesday evening

  3. Fabulous photographs Jill and you've visited some wonderful places...looking forward to seeing your samples