7 June 2013

A visit to Rome!

I had planned to have a few more scheduled posts in the last week while I disappeared, but sure enough I ran out of time for that as well!

I have just had a lovely week in Rome.  Somewhere I had always wanted to go but still didn't realise the scale of some of the things to see there to be honest.

We booked a Colosseum tour (you should book a ticket if you are going - gets you right past all the queues) that got us access to areas you aren't allowed to go to on a general admission ticket.

Our tour took us on to the partially re-constructed floor of the colosseum, then underground to the tunnels where the animals etc were brought in before being hoisted to the arena.  So interesting.
Then for the finale we went to the top floor (what is left of it) where you get spectacular views inside and outside the structure, well worth the tour through which we learnt much more than just wandering too.

The pictures don't really do the scale of it justice, it is so amazing there.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous holiday Jill will look forward to hearing more next Weds


  2. Great pictures of what must have been a brilliant trip.

  3. Oh Jill that looks so gorgeous I would love to be able to visit such beautiful sites, Im sure you had a wonderful time. hugs Shirleyxxxxx