12 February 2013

Spiral bracelet

For a change - a bit of beading!

I first tried spiral rope some time ago but ran out of thread and got in a pickle I think.
So, when I saw an opportunity for a local class I thought I would go along and get sorted out.

I have some written instructions but you really can't beat seeing things sometimes and I wanted some assistance with adding clasps etc.

So, this was the result of attempt 1 which I am pretty pleased with.
Each rope can look so different by adding different sizes or types of beads - many an exciting opportunity ahead (I've been making another already).


  1. Well done - there is no end to the variations possible with spiral rope.

  2. Jill your bracelet is lovely...will look forward to seeing your 2nd one...


  3. Absolutely fab Jill - gorgeous colours.

    Karen x