21 February 2013

Oh Deer!

As I am in between cards for a few days I thought I would add a pic or two from my days in very cold Dorset last week.

We were able to get really close to a large amount of deer at Arne, the RSPB reserve near Wareham.

This is one of them having a leisurely graze!


  1. Lovely photo Jill would look great on a card! Must remember this pace as we are taking Grace down to Wareham for a couple of days in the summer..


  2. Wow Jill - what a fabulous photo. Can't decide whether you had a very long lens on your camera or you were actually that close!

    Karen x

  3. How great to be able to get close to that beautiful deer. Wish the weather would warm up a bit!

  4. Great photo, Jill! Believe it or not, we were in Arne last Wednesday - it was perishing!! Philippa Reid