16 June 2012

Work in progress

A fabulous Stampin' Up day with Jenny today - she certainly works us hard but we came away with another haul of great makes (and a table prize, sorry Karen!).

I am exhausted but have a few requests for this weekend so am trying to sort a few things.

This very poor picture is just to show that I have been doing something the last couple of days.  Sentiments aside, which I am just stamping, these are the components for one of my current commissions - hopefully I can report back on the finished goods very soon!


  1. It certainly was a great day...mmm that looks interesting on you desk


  2. It certainly was a great day Jill - and you're forgiven ....... not so sure about your mother! What you have on your desk looks really interesting and will look forward to updates.

  3. Well that looks an interesting collection of 'bits' so look forward to seeing the end product. It was a great day yesterday and I was lucky with a table prize as well.