3 June 2012

Day out in Dorset 2!

Just to complete the story of our day out in Dorset!

Our day was at the end of a week where the Company had entertained reps, retailers and demonstrators from all over the country and some from abroad too.

The display that met us on the way in was great with all their products displayed by range - Me to You, the new Forever Friends Best of British, Michael Powell etc and some of the card samples that are in the current Creativity magazine which it was nice to see in the flesh.

After our lunch (and a chat with the magazine editor Tina Piper)  we had a great demo with Jo Austin.  It wasn't on my original agenda as there were 4 sessions and only 3 slots for each of us but as Jo was demo-ing Digital Designer I couldn't miss a live demo and she was great.  There is nothing like seeing things for real and getting those little tips that make all the difference.

Jo also did some great water colouring and then showed us a little technique that may turn up at Crafty Bunch in the future!

I then had a quick chat with Emma about blogging as social media is her specialist subject and enjoyed watching her set up a blog for another club member who had found it all too daunting before.

There was also a focus group running which we were trying to fit in with everything else but after a quick cuppa and some presentations (Jo's birthday at the weekend and Emma for the organisation) we were then informed of a visit to the showroom which I'm afraid blew everything else out of the water.

We stood and drooled at not only all the DOCrafts products layed out by range but the Creativity Essentials that are being released in July (very nice with some different ranges coming) and September (sooooo fab - get saving!).

I certainly came away with quite a few little ideas to try so let's hope I can put some in to practice soon - watch this space.


  1. Thanks for sharing another update on your visit - certainly sounds as if it was well worth going along.

  2. Great write up of our fab day Jill. Sooo glad you didn't give away our little project for club! Looking forward to sharing that with all the girls.