9 June 2012

Beginners Workshop

A very successful workshop for 4 ladies today who had all had a quick try of quilling and given it up until they thought they'd try a workshop.

Luckily they were all pleased with their efforts and took home some finished items so that was good.

We did a small sampler of basic shapes to start with after talking about tools and paper then did a card with 3 simple teardrop flowers on, then either a cat or butterfly to finish.

It's always pleasing when they then buy materials and tools in the shop too and they have gone away enthused with a new craft.

I'm quite exhausted but got a 15 card commission to sort before some final prep for the Crafty Bunch quilling workshop this week, the stash for which is pictured below (not that we need 1,000 goggly eyes but I felt the need to buy in bulk!) - when I have some more samples I will report back!


  1. Pleased your w9rkshop was a success - not that there was any doubt really!! I might guess with the green paper and googly eyes there may be some frogs emerging on Wednesday, then again I could be entirely wrong (has been known).

  2. Glad your workshop was successful.......slightly concerned by your blog heading on this post - can't quite figure out if they were begging for it??? lol. Sorry - couldn't resist.... Think we might be overrun with googly eyes on Wednesday?

  3. Oops, thanks Karen - didn't notice that typo!