25 June 2012


A busy few days, sorry for not blogging.  I have been crafting in between everything so will add some more pics this week.

Also had a great day at the Bristol Parchment Exhibition yesterday which was very inspirational and chatted with some lovely parchers.

This is a crazy card I made for a friend.  Smurfs have a particular relevance which is why I chose them.

I found an image and 'digitaged' it using the DOCrafts Digital Designer.  I inverted it to make it a bit different and printed out a greeting to add to the madness.


  1. Brilliant card - it's ages since I saw any Smurfs.

  2. Great card Jill I remember the snurfs..that's showing my age


  3. Gosh Jill, this takes me back.......don't you love the digitaged feature on DD! I'm sure your friend will love it.