17 October 2010

Workshop Card

This is one of the sample cards I made to inflict on everyone at Crafty Bunch this week!

I wanted to do something we hadn't done before but something that also made a decent card. Luckily I had already dropped a couple of ideas and not run with quilling chocolates that I had been asked for (!) so ended up with this pretty candle and poinsettia card.

I tried (honestly) not to make it too traumatic. The candle, wick and poinsettia petals are all quilled shapes made with 1/4 of a strip. The holly leaves were 1/2 strip and the poinsettia centres are 1/4 strip but 1.5mm so they don't stick out too much on the card.

The leaves & berries in the corners of the card were 1/4 strips again.

I know a few people seemed a bit traumatised by the experience but hope they will try quilling again! I was very impressed that the 3 new ladies soldiered on until they had finished, even though everyones work seemed to come out in miniature this time.


  1. That is a really nice idea for a christmas card but you are naughty stressing out the ladies!! Seriously I'm sure they enjoyed it really and you will have converts to quilling.

  2. Lovely card, pity I missed the evening, hope to see you for the November meeting