20 October 2010


After the quilled sheep episode today's post is a rather speedier affair!

Still seem to have no time for xmas but made a small amount on Monday (in between still trying to find a work surface) to try these sheep.

This is an image printed from CraftsuPrint. The A4 sheet contains one large image and is a side stacker (or whatever similar name you know them as). The large picture is mounted on a bit of white card, then blue so that it stands out. Four more pieces are then cut out, the picture doesn't show them up entirely. Each side has another 2 'steps' of the picture with a wavy edge down the side so it gives a bit of depth and something more than just a flat picture. I think they are rather sweet!


  1. We don't often see sheep used for christmas but these are really cute.

  2. Love these little cuties Jill - make a nice change from eating them!!!! lol