25 October 2010

Autumn Leaves

Not quite a card today - I have been messing with a few things in between feeling rather germy but don't seem to have much of sense to show! I did try to finish a bracelet I started ages ago but am struggling to tie knots in the elastic that stay (all suggestions welcome).

So here is a picture from Stourhead at the weekend. Went out for a bit of fresh air and amazingly managed to get an hour on Saturday when we didn't have thunder, lightning, rain or hail and it was lovely (it rained when we were having a cream tea afterwards - good treatment for colds I think!).

Definitely worth a visit at the moment for the lovely colours.


  1. Lovely picture and great place to walk around on a nice day. Hope the cream tea cured your cold - must make a note of that!!

  2. Lovely picture, we went there on Monday, took a few pictures which will be on my photography blog later today I hope, beautiful reflections and colours too.
    As for your bracelet, and the slipping elastic knot, have you tried using Pinflair on it? if you dont have any come and borrow mine.

  3. Thanks Jose - it wasn't even getting to a point where I could put glue on it but have now learnt a new knot and it's looking good! Thanks for the offer.