29 October 2010


Sorry the picture isn't the best - managed not to get to take one in daylight for the second day in a row!

This is the infamous elastic-stringed affair I had a scrap with the other night.

This was a kit I bought from Beadsisters a long time ago. It is a safety pin bracelet. Each pin has a selection of different beads threaded on. I actually did this part at least a year ago and then mislaid the elastic thread, I could easily of bought some more but kind of neglected to do that and it finally turned up last week!

The safety pins were then threaded on to the elastic 'top to tail' to the desired length. The instructions asked for a reef knot to fasten the elastic but my trusty ex-scout couldn't make that work, I tried various options that also just undid themselves straight away and then found instructions for a surgeons' knot which worked perfectly.

For the final drama in what really should all of been much less of a fuss I bought some super strength superglue. Much to Graeme's amusement I put some of this on each knot (it was much runnier than I expected) - it immediately went on my fingers which then stuck together, there wasn't even a small period of stickiness, it was just instant stuck together - apparently this was hilarious!

Anyway, fingers unstuck, knots tied and currently stable the bracelet is ready to go!


  1. Sounds like a real adventure!! glad your problem is solved by using a surgeons knot, gracious I didnt even know such a knot existed, and know you have a lovely bracelet.

  2. That looks good and I bet you're pleased it is finished. Hope you don't turn up today with fingers stuck together - could make things difficult!!