13 December 2009

Orange Cupboard!

Thought I'd post my 'cupboard' picture as I forgot to take it to the meal last week.

After Anne's 'cupboard' experience in Paignton I promised I would show everyone a pic of an Easyhotel room!! They are obviously sold as budget rooms, this cost £30 I think for one night - room only! TV and windows were extra.

The pic on the left is stood in the doorway looking right.
The pic on the right is me then squashed in the far corner of the bed looking at the door.
Strangely enough I couldn't find an angle to get the bathroom in, it is almost like a portaloo (including shower) experience and is immediately opposite the door.

Not a lot else you can say really but for central London for one night after getting back late from seeing my favourite George Michael it did the job and we trotted off to Starbucks for brekkie the next morning.


  1. Yes Jill I see what you mean it's much smaller than the cupboard I had in Paignton...lO..lOl.


  2. WOW! Jill you did have 2 pillows... hehe

  3. 2 pillows for 2 of us mind! It was a useful consumer test!! There wasn't even any room to put my handbag without tripping over it.