18 January 2015

Wot no crafting!

Well, I had planned a crafty day today especially as the weather forecast earlier in the week suggested all sorts of cold goings-on.

But, needless to say this didn't happen and here are some pictures from my day!!


We have booked a break in the Lake District in January next year so I have just bought some more serious boots in preparation so we went to test them!  We went to Pen-Y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons, there was so much more snow than I had reckoned on but the scenery was fabulous.

Typically someone had stolen the sun and the views at the top but we still had a great time and the boots passed their test!


  1. Well Jill I hope your boots stood up to the test....lovely pictures and so long as the snow stays there!


  2. Brrrrrrr!!!!! Glad your boots passed their test - fab photos, but glad I'm not there! Much prefer sitting here looking........

    Karen x

  3. Hopefully you didn't bring the snow back with you - it looks lovely where it is though!! The Brecons are beautiful with sunshine and good visibility but a long way to go if the view disappears.

  4. Oh my Jill its going to be cold in the Lake District so I suppose it was a good idea to see how you fair in the Brecons, I hope you didnt get lost as it can be very easy to do so. hugs Shirleyxxxx