4 September 2014


I am still here pottering away!

I have been doing some quilling recently which I can't share currently but will do soon.
I've also had a few days off work this week and this is a view on Tuesday from a Tor on Dartmoor where we had lunch.

This picture doesn't actually do the height of where I was sitting justice!!

Anyway, 10 miles later and I was feeling quite weary and luckily for day 2 of my hols I had booked a day at the Spa at Center Parcs at Longleat.  This is only about an hour away so ideal striking distance.

I had a lovely relaxing day trying out the different steam rooms & saunas and a bubble in the little outdoor pool.  As we managed to get a whole day we could spare some time to get stuck in to a book too - I even sat in the Zen Garden for a bit as it was a nice day!

Needless to say back to the chaos today (but not work until next week thankfully).


  1. Sounds like you had a great time away...and your spa visit sounds lovely


  2. Beautiful Dartmoor picture but looks a bit to energetic for me. I like the sound of the zen garden.