28 September 2014

Time for Tea

And so to start sharing my recent quilling adventure!

At the Quilling Guild AGM in Norfolk regional areas have a display table - this year Somerset opted for an afternoon tea theme.  This is our table (you may need to zoom in on this one!):

Our centre piece was a table covered with a fab weaved tablecloth that Anne spent many an hour making.  I made the sign in front which picked up on some of the other items I had made and included a 'menu'.

Ideally I would of quilled the letters but you can imagine there was a time issue and I was still adding 'coconut' to my madeleine the night before the AGM.

I then embarked on some 3D items.  I had many more ideas but not enough time and when I came to actually put mind to paper they existed much better in my head!!

This is my afternoon tea stand which stands at 10cm high to give you an idea of scale.  The bottom plate used nearly 1.5 packs of American quilling paper hence why several plates are made with a more filigree option.

These are my other cakes (macaroons and biscuits!!).  The sponge at the back is covered in Diane Boden's legendary fairy dust which is somewhat time consuming but very effective - needless to say there were sprinkles of this all over my premier inn bed the night before the AGM too!

I shall return with more offerings tomorrow.


  1. Absolutely fabulous makes Jill the cakes look good enough to eat


  2. WOW, WOW, WOW! Jill I am literally speechless.........these creations are amazing and so realistic. No wonder you've been busy lately! lol That fairy dust looks fantastic.

    Karen x

  3. Well these cakes certainly look good enough to eat. I can't imagine how long this all took to make - amazing work!!

  4. Jill, Your work is truly amazing. I did a cupcakes some months ago. If you want to see it, you can visit me here:
    Greetings from Chile.