7 April 2014

More workshops pt2!

So, after making 2 fab cards at Exmouth we still had 2 workshops to go on our day out.

The second workshop (after coffee of course) was with the fabulous Francoise Read.  I am already a huge fan of Francoise and her brilliant Woodware stamps and crazily thought we were bound to use some stamps I already have - but of course we didn't!!

We made these 2 cards in our session:
I'm not a very 'pink' person but thought I'd try something different.

These stamps are Curly Birthday and Curly Thanks.  The base cards are made from half a piece of A4 which makes them quite a large card to find an envelope for!

The other great thing with these cards is that they were coloured with Sakura Glaze pens.  I did one card colour co-ordinated and the other somewhat brighter.

Some of the parts of letters were coloured with the pens and left to dry for a minute or two - then we coloured the rest of the letters and added glitter to the top which sticks to the ink.

This was very therapeutic and we could of sat there for hours colouring.  Lucy ended up with a pack of 10 glaze pens - it did help when we were told there was only one left - you have to then don't you?!

After a lovely lunch we then moved on to round 3 which was with Janet the owner of Japonica.
These cards also had a colouring theme but with an emphasis on stencils and colour matching.

These chaps are Percy and Sludge, a Gruffies stamp.

The objective with this card was to stencil the background and tie the green colouring in with the ink used which was a good process to think about.

The bears are then coloured in pencils - something I must do more of, it was very relaxing and enjoyable.

Finally we then did some more colour matching with a Happy Hoppers stamp called Knit Chick Purl 2 - how cute!

With this card we added strips of card to the base card and, again, picked out these colours in the coloured image - again coloured with pencils.

A very cute stamp and a good way to use a few scraps for the background that we all have a pile of!

A great day out, followed by a spot of retail therapy in Japonica itself obviously just in case we needed more stamps.

Next time a bit of a quilling-stamping combo!!


  1. That was obviously a very busy day out and it certainly shows that you enjoyed it - great cards!

  2. You have been a busy lady Jill looks like you had a great day out


  3. Right, now my comment has disappeared for the second time so I'll be quick in case it happens again! hehe Two great cards using Francoise Read's stamps.....great effects. I'm surprised you had time to breathe let alone have coffee! Then two more great cards to finish up. You obviously had a wonderful day and came home with some gorgeous cards.

    Karen x