23 April 2014

Easter in London

I actually had a few days off from crafting at the weekend (deliberately to start with, followed by another couple because of a mutant migraine!!).

Graeme's race on Friday was moved to the Olympic velodrome in London so we had a quick break in the big smoke!

A very impressive building and much better lit on the inside than the couple of others we frequent!

You can just see lots of passers-by looking in too, something you can't do at Newport or Manchester.

The racing was quite impressive, maybe not so much for Graeme and his chums as one or two Olympic athletes and some European pros are rather tough competition - but a pretty good workout and good viewing for everyone else.

We then stayed in Greenwich overnight as there was meant to be more racing the next day - but after Fridays leg-breakers cycling was not on the agenda any more!

As we were just round the corner from the Cutty Sark we had a look round there which was interesting - I'd only ever seen it on the tv before (generally with marathon runners going by).

The hotel was also right next to the National Maritime Museum (at the bottom of the hill in this pic) which is on the edge of Greenwich Park so we had a look round this too - a great museum if you are in the area.

Fuelled by several refreshment stops we then also walked through the park to outside the Royal Observatory and this was the great view - the O2, Canary Wharf, the gherkin, shard and Olympic park could all be seen from this spot.

Would of loved to go in the observatory too but had read rather a lot of info already and it was packed with people so we had another refuelling stop before the journey back.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend with this last minute change of plan Jill but sorry to hear about the migraine! The Velodrome looks like an amazing building but that first marathon session sounds exhausting.......no wonder you chose some sightseeing for the next day; child's play by comparison!

    Karen x

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your action packed weekend - sorry to hear about the migraine. Hope you've recovered now. Take care.