4 December 2013

You are invited

I finished the 'hearts' project!!!

It's a shame the light never seems to be good enough for pics this time of year but this is a snap of the finished pile.  

I made some Save the Date cards earlier in the year and have now made the Invitations.

There are 40 Wedding day invites and 50 Evening invites.

The front design is the same on each.  12 hearts on each invitation, 8 different designs so some are repeated.  These are a mixture of a few stamped ones (including a touch of coral as a nod to one of the wedding colours) and some just from pearl and patterned card.

The bottom of each invite has a piece of ivory card which I crazily suggested pricking for each invite.

I've used one of the Stampin' Up paper piercing templates and then of course after printing words for the front these are punched out with the matching SU punch - it does finish them off nicely.

The day invites are an A6 finished card and have a printed insert inside which you can just see has punched hearts in each corner.  These were also finished with a piece of string which 'tied' in with the 'we are tying the knot' theme to the save the date cards.

The evening invites are just a piece of A6 card with a printed piece attached to the back.

Each invite also has a printed reply/information slip.  I did tie these up with string which made for a nice presentation.

This is a close up of a wedding invite:

Did someone mention something about Christmas??!!!!


  1. Gosh Jill you have been busy so many hearts you've have to punch out but what a beautiful design and I love the colours