1 December 2013

Wot no crafting!

Another break from doing things that needed to be done yesterday and a bit of a day out with Mum.

We started at a local house which isn't usually open to the public - Newton House - who had a craft fair raising money for charity in their stable block.  It was beautifully decorated and a really nice atmosphere (including some mulled apple juice and a very scrummy mince pie).

Then we went a little further away to another craft fair where Karen over at Serendipity Dragonfly had a stall of all her gorgeous makes where I purchased a lovely fabric box for a present along with a few goodies from some other stalls.

The weather was beautiful yesterday so as we were heading in that direction we then headed to the National Trust property at Stourhead.  It was the first day yesterday of some of the rooms in the house being open and decorated with trees in each room.  If you are in the area you must pop in, it was lovely.  A lot of work had been put in to all the trees and each room had lovely fireplace decorations & floral displays.  I won't spoil it but have a pic of the tree in the entrance hall below - I think it was 27 feet high - rather impressive.

The other plan in going yesterday, other than it just being lovely for a walk, was to catch the tree colours but we had very much missed the best of those, many leaves were already on the floor!
There were a couple of gorgeous red and yellow leaved trees with the sun on them in the afternoon though that I've added below.

Oh, and there was a craft fair in the courtyard between the entrance and the garden too!!!


  1. You really had a great day out Jill - it was lovely to see you and Heather at the Castle Cary Christmas Fair. Glad you managed to catch some of the magnificent colours at Stourhead - brilliant photo. We normally go either too early or too late!!!

    Karen x

  2. Glad it isn't just me not managing any crafting at the moment - looks as if you had a good day out though