5 December 2013

Another day out!

I went to my first downline meeting with Jenny and the Bloomin' Buds today - more on that tomorrow when I have a pic.

Jenny lives near Poole and originally I thought I would get back to go to work in the afternoon, then I thought I have so much to do actually I could make use of the time - then …..

I went ice skating in Bournemouth!!!

This has been much discussed recently as there are lots of ice rinks popping up and I love skating (I only get to have a go at Christmas).

I then considered a couple of shops I fancied popping in to whilst I was nearby so a plan was hatched.
I am so glad I did as it was sooooo quiet, there were only 12 of us in total for the hour, it was brilliant.

When I first got there the sun was out too and it was a gorgeous day - the beach a contrast to last time I went when you couldn't see sand for people!

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  1. Lovely photos Jill and peased you enjoyed your ice skating I Avnet done that for years...lovky picture of the beach and what a beautiful blue sky