11 November 2013

Walking in Wales

Well, with much crafting to do yesterday - we went out for the day!!

We had earmarked the day for a walk, as long as the weather was ok and for once we were really lucky.

We trotted off to the Brecon Beacons - Graeme has a bit of a walking bug after our Lake District trip!

We walked to Pen-y-fan and not the easy, straightforward way but a rather longer and harder way of course.

This is a view nearer the start looking towards the summit on the right, with an almost equally large peak on the left which we skirted the top of on the way.

This is the view from the top, the valley from the previous picture being in the bottom right of this pic.

It was getting a little cloudier by the time we got to the top but still a beautiful view - and, ultimately, A view which is more than we got from Helvellyn recently.

Just back from being drafted in as a late replacement in a badminton match tonight so more panic crafting to come this week!!


  1. Well you really do get out and about - beautiful area to visit on a lovely day though. Good luck with the crafting catch up!!

  2. What stunning views Jill...looks so,peaceful ..pleased you had a great time


  3. Good God girl - how on earth do you manage to pack so much in? It makes me exhausted just thinking about it!!! lol photos are stunning - hope you manage to catch up with the crafting......

    Karen x

  4. It is beautiful in Wales, but please do be careful as the weather can change very quickly and a lot of people have been been caught in it. hugs Shirleyxxxx