25 November 2013

How many hearts?!!

A quick picture today just to show that I am still busy not doing Christmas cards!

The eagle eyed amongst you who have a good memory may recall a pile of hearts a while ago - I am now on the next round of the project.

This is a nearly-picture just short a few pieces of card and a few more hearts to be punched.

I have just stuck 480 hearts on to the relevant pieces of card - only another 600 to go now!!

Gone a bit cross-eyed so off for a nice soak in the bath before bed.


  1. You must fed up with hearts Jill..lol...lol. Will look forward to seeing your finished cards


  2. This photo makes it look like you've got a bad case of OCD! So well organised......... can't wait for the final reveal! Don't worry, I haven't started on my Christmas cards either!

    Karen x

  3. Wow well done you - and I agree, you look very organised, if it were me the hearts would be all over the desk and carpet!!